ISO 20252:2019 Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics -- Vocabulary and service requirements

Market, opinion and social research
Ensure your market research studies are planned, managed and reported correctly.
Organisations, governments, research institutes and consumers all rely heavily on market research. It contributes to many aspects of modern life, from helping companies to advertise products and services, to our behavior as consumers.
Based on the preceding British Standard, BS 7911, ISO 20252 covers the management and delivery of your research projects; from producing the proposals, right through to creating the questionnaires and correctly archiving the resulting documents.
Why should I apply for ISO 20252 certification?
ISO 20252 is relevant to any market and social research agencies where consistent and reliable delivery of quality services is essential. The standard provides guidance for those conducting, commissioning or buying market or social research and provides assurance that specified requirements are being met.
Here are some benefits of using the ISO 20252 framework:

  • Ensure timely delivery of services
  • Enhance your reputation & provide a competitive advantage
  • Improve operational management and control of access panels
  • Reduce errors and rework
  • Provide a basis for subcontractor evaluations
  • Ensure a more efficient and reliable delivery of products/services
  • Increase staff morale and provides clarity on internal responsibilities