The Mission of TUW consists of the enhancement and promotion of knowledge, focused on the binomial Leadership and Compliance, as a central and strategic element for competitiveness and market efficiency and sustainable development. is to provide courteous, friendly, ethical, “adding-value-assessment”, certification services with integrity. We are a consumer-centric management systems certification body with mission, values and vision with purpose services that enhances operations and administration performance of client-organizations. By abiding to legally binding charter to the protection of consumers, and to promote, encourage and participate in product and service initiatives. Policy : Our prime motive is to provide cost effective certification services to our client base that adds value to and supports the concept of the continuous improvement of aspects of their business processes regardless of the size or location of the client. To this end, it provides the following services: certification, examination, inspection in the private and public sectors and that mainly, but not exclusively – in the areas of management systems of all natures, of products-processes-services and people skills; verify with respect to laws and regulations, voluntary and mandatory, applicable in individual countries at different market sectors and geographical areas; verify and check for compliance with organizational models, processes and compliance requirements relevant to product-services as part of the customer-supplier relationship; distribution of knowledge and skills development, with the help of adequate technical communication and training -traditional and online- and on issues related to the culture of compliance and the activities of certification, verification and inspection (complying with the most widespread international standards) relating to standards on management systems, products-processes-services and people skills.